A Break In The Silence

Hey guys, It’s certainly been a while since we last gave anyone an update as to what we’ve been up to so I thought I’d take a few minutes out and explain to everyone where we are.

Towards the end of September of last year, we were heading back to university to start our final year and gearing up for the first public beta of Ascension: Arenas of War. We felt confident in the progress that had been made up to that point and we started getting some contact information for people who were interested in taking part in the beta.

It was around this time that we heard about Make Something Unreal Live, a competition run by Epic games in partnership with the university we are all studying at, Staffordshire University. With us wanting to take part, we were told to pull any plans for the beta of Ascension to be eligible to enter.

We had to start with a new idea and thus had to put Ascension on hold whilst we drew up plans for what became Psych (Working Title). We had a great time working on something from the ground up and felt confident in our chances of progressing through the competition.

Fast forward to November and at the start of the month, we got some great feedback on our submitted design and we were informed that we got through to the 12 groups who would be going to pitch our game to a group of industry experts in London on the 3rd December.

A month of intense work followed as we developed a working prototype of our game to be shown off during our pitch as well as writing what would go around the showcase piece which was to be our gameplay footage.

On December 3rd, Myself (Ben), Oli, Steve and new recruit Sam made our way to the Wellcome Trust building in London to pitch. The pitch went as well as we could have hoped for with no technical issues and no major stuttering problems with the pitch I delivered but we were unfortunate in getting any further through the competition. We got some more great feedback for our game and made our way back to Stafford with our heads firmly held high (until we fell asleep on the train that is).

Since then, we’ve made what we feel to be the best decision which is to fully focus on our final years of university. We are yet to fully sit down and discuss the future for Ludorum Studios but we can say that we have a couple of options available to us in terms of game design and aim to stick together should we be able to get the studio in a position that it can support us so we can work on the future full time.

We wish everyone who got through to the final 4 groups of Make Something Unreal Live all the best when it comes to the live finals at the gadget show in April here in the UK.

Cheers, Ben



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