Progress update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of news recently relating to Ascension: Arenas of War and the beta.

We had been working on the game up until the middle of October until some news came in about an opportunity we felt we couldn’t pass up.

In partnership with Epic Games, the university we are studying at have launched this years Make Something Unreal Live. The main prize for the winning team? A commercial license for PC digital distribution using Epic Games brand new Unreal Engine 4 technology (Check out some footage of it here). One of the main clauses for the competition was that no members of the teams could have shipped their own game. This obviously put us in somewhat of a difficult decision but ultimately, after an internal discussion, we decided that it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up and we would delay the final work on Ascension: Arenas of War and have a shot at entering.

Luckily, it paid off for us as we managed to get through to the final 12 groups and are working towards having a pitch ready to deliver to Epic and partners at the beginning of December. We’ve also been fortunate to get some more people on board to help us out.

We’ll keep you updated with how we are doing when we can.

Ludorum Studios.


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