LudorumPlay #6

Despite having a wonderful birthday celebration for Oli we have been keeping busy working on the game as well as playing some ourselves.

Now Playing:

Burnout 2: Point Of Impact –

Oli considers Burnout 2 to be a classic gammon… nuff said…. CRASH MODE!


The seemingly never-ending development of this game finally came to an end. With this, Tom forked out a bit of cash and picked it up. He finds this game charming in its design and simplistic gameplay. Buy this game now.


After missing this and Shadow of the Collosus the first time round, Ben drunkenly bought the HD remakes on New Year’s Eve and has finally got around to playing ICO. He’s only a couple of hours in but is loving the charm of the game thus far.

Jak & Daxter HD Collection –

Add another set of games to the list Tom has rebought in a HD collection. He stands by the fact that these games hold up just as well as they did on the PS2, even the first which he considers his favourite.

Legend of Grimrock –

Commence Oli rant…Grimrock is a really interesting take on classic “Rogue like” dungeon crawlers, incorporating all the elements of modern game design to help deliver an up to date yet appreciatively old school dungeon crawler. It is extremely representative of the first person 4 to a square combat which was coined by Phantasy Starr back on the Master System and handles very much the same too. Although slow paced, Grimrock will have you exploring for hours and very rarely gets dull.

Resident Evil (Gamecube) –

Oli has been meaning to replay this reboot for a long time and has finally found the time to start it again. Resident Evil on the Gamecube is a wonderful example of how careful aesthetic design can give a somewhat out dated title lasting appeal and enjoyment.

The Legend of Zelda –

The original Legend of Zelda on the NES was, and still is, a challenging experience from start to finish, something which Oli has been finding out first hand. If anything the age and difficulty of this game is a testament to how far game design has realistically come. A really tough start but once the first dungeon is completed, it’s hard to put down this challenging piece of history.

Still Playing

Battlefield 3 –

V has been playing Battletroll 3 and recently did a sick kill where he did a 360 no scope with a sniper rifle, because it literally had no scope. I used iron sights. Do you get it?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 –

With more DLC coming Ben’s way, he has started getting back into the multiplayer of MW3. Hasn’t spent too much time with the new maps yet, but new maps are new maps and are definitely adding something to the multiplayer.

League of Legends –

Steve “Im periodically forced to write about this game and I’m running out of things to say now, hecarim seems like a good addition to the characters, mostly been playing Ahri with a support lulu in bot lane, meta doesn’t know how to deal with it, won 8 in a row using it currently.”

Rift –

With the new 1.8 update V has been keeping busy doing all the new content such as fishing, survival skill, leader boards competitiveness. This alongside doing the regular raid content progression and many other continuations from previous blog posts.


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