LudorumPlay #4

We work hard, we play hard, and as a result we have a lot to write about this month. It’s a wonder we found time to write this between making the game and Ben bringing up his new Mac in every conversation (literally every single one). If you haven’t seen #3, check it out here.

Now Playing

Final Fantasy XIII-2 [PS3] – Steve is currently enjoying the new Final Fantasy game but admits it does have a few problems. He finds the combat a bit unchallenging and admits the story can be too much for some people.

Katawa Shoujo [PC] – Now there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Katawa Shoujo due to its translation meaning “Disability Girls.” Curiosity got the better of Tom who decided to give it a go. He has really enjoyed this games narrative and the way it deals with the issues of disability. Definitely a good start for a first Interactive Graphic Novel.

Metroid: Fusion [3DS] – Despite it being an old release, Metroid Fusion still holds up well today. Combining a mixture of platforming and puzzle solving, Fusion is a brilliant example of well thought out level design and enjoyable gameplay.

Metal Gear HD Collection [PS3] – Now Tom loves the Metal Gear series, perhaps too much. The second he could afford it he purchased this HD collection. We are worried that we may lose him for a good few weeks.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One [PS3] – Ben & Tom have been playing the newest entry in the Ratchet & Clank series in co-op. It is fantastic fun the more the story progresses despite being very different than the single player, third person action staple the series is known for.

Soul Calibur V [PS3] – Steve’s main gripes with the game is the removal of endings from Arcade mode and the fact that you never know the reason that you are doing badly is down to you or just the insane AI.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception [PS3] – Ben had recently let Ollie borrow his copy of Uncharted 3. He liked it… that is all.

Still Playing

Gran Turismo 5 [PS3] – No matter how stale it  gets, Ben keeps on coming back to this game for the seasonal events. His main gripe with the game is the insane XP needed get to level 40 but with his car collection currently sitting north of 590, he’s well on his way to getting the platinum trophy.

League of Legends [PC] – RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, SO OP! Things Steve wants changes in LoL:
Caits Range; Graves Dmg; Kassadin in general; Kennens AD damage; Garens Sustain; Rivens Sustain; FIZZ!; Gragas’s Health; Why isn’t Orianna good anymore?; Remove Shaco; Fix Eve; Why did they do that to Shen?; AP Sion against Other AP is a joke…that is all.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [PS3] – Short but sweet, Ben has completed book 1 within Lego Harry Potter. There’s a certain charm from the Lego games that he is really enjoying and looking forward to going back and doing the story for book 2 when he finds the time.

Rayman Origins [PS3] – Now Tom really enjoys completing games 100% and has since done so for, what he calls, his favourite platforming game in years.

Rift [PC] – Once again, the main game V has been playing is Rift, and as such this time we will actually mention what he does. After being promoted to guild leader, his responsibilities in a game have sky rocketed. He now has to manage a large group of people, their items, well-being in game, dealing with drama that can arise as well as leading a group of 20 people in raids. Leading people in raids usually consists of shouting at them, barking orders and, at times, he feels like he is playing the game for 19 other people…he might have a bit of a God complex. Also Steve started playing too; he is enjoying the first 20 levels as a Cleric Purifier and a Rogue Ranger.

Gamecube Games

As we mentioned last time, Ollie has been collecting Gamecube games. His collection is now 40+ in number with more incoming from the postman, who he may as well learn the name of. Keep on top of his fruitful journey at


Ludorum Studios


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