LudorumPlay #3

It’s been another busy month, even with the Christmas & New Year break. Of course that means we have had a fair bit more time to play some games. You can find the previous post here.

Now Playing

Catherine [PS3] – You won’t find another game on the market that’s quite like Catherine, but it fumbles too frequently to work.

Killzone 3 [PS3] – Killzone 3 continues after the climactic ending of the Killzone 2. After showing you a brief cut scene set 6 months after the events of the second game, the player is then given the task of reliving the events that lead up to it. It’s a great, heavy shooter but the enemies seem to take a few too many bullets to fall. Overall though, if you enjoyed the second one and want to find out what happened next, it’s definitely worth picking up.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [PS3] – Ben’s a huge Harry Potter fan so it was no surprise to see him playing the Lego Harry Potter game. He’s only just started it so he’s working his way through the story of book one but its simple design and great audio make this a fantastic game to play so far.

Rayman Origins [PS3] – Being really into his platforming games it really is no surprise that Tom picked this up shortly after Christmas. It’s quite possibly the best looking platforming game to be released in quite some time, here’s hoping other publishers follow suit and bring this genre back.

Sonic Generations [PC] – Blending both classic & modern Sonic gameplay, Sonic Generations is a game that is thoroughly enjoyable. Yes the modern Sonic levels are still a bit hit and miss but overall it’s the best effort from Sonic Team in quite some time.

Trackmania [PC] – TrackMania is a weird, wonderful driving game, but everything surrounding the game itself feels like it’s actively trying to discourage you from playing at all. 

To the Moon [PC] – The interactive elements of To the Moon exist solely in service of pushing you through its story, but it’s a story very much worth pushing through. 

Still Playing

Gears of War 3 [360] – That season pass pays for itself with the Fenix Rising DLC being released a few days ago. Even without this Tom would still be playing it as much as ever.

Gran Turismo 5 [PS3] – Still being Ben’s go to game to kill a bit of time. With the new car pack Ben’s wheel is getting all of its money’s worth with that Lamborghini Adventador driven to his heart content.

Rift [PC] – Same old, same old…


One of our team (Oliver) has just started an ambitious hobby of trying to collect every GameCube game ever released in PAL territory. So far he has picked up a fair few games by buying all stock from Gamestation stores. A bit of help here and there won’t go amiss so if there are any GameCube games you have kicking around let us know.


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