Hello all!

Well we are close to a month in the office and development is getting pretty thick pretty fast. Were all very busy at the moment all getting on with our own tasks and trying very hard to meet a lot of internal deadlines, some more realistic than others!

I wanted to take the time to talk about whats coming out of (what has been dubbed) the “Art Side`” of the room, with me (Oli) and V (the Romanian stallion).

To roll back a little bit, we moved into the office late December, during that time my attention was needed elsewhere on the project (mostly Flash and Scaleform issues) but V got well underway with concept art for our main characters. I think we all wish that we could have gotten a head start with the modelling and concept work but we also didnt want to rush it, so we left a good 9 months to try our best to get as much as we can done.  It was the first day back in January that the “Art Side” really started to chug into life. A few pieces of concept art were finished and were ready to get onto the modelling stage, which was my cue to shut up and start working on my area of knowledge for the company.

With time strictly not on our side I decided to keep the models inside of max for as long as I could before going near any sculpting software. This meant essentially hard modelling a lot of  separate parts and maintaining a good form and silohette until the last second when the model could be taken for touch ups and in some cases a little destruction. From an outside perspective this may sound like a really bad idea but with the style of characters we have + the fact they need to be done in a ridiculously small amount of time (believe me, I wont sleep), its by far the safer way to maintain a level of consistency. The small amount of sculpting that was needed was basically scuffs and buffs, forcing a little asymmetry and generally breaking up the consistent smoothness the hard surface modelling approach left. Using this approach has made the process somewhat stable and we are able to get work out of the gate at a pretty steady pace.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks time we will be able to show you some of the work we have been up to, but for now….


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