Ludorum Staff #5 – Oliver Cooke

Friday is finally upon us and it’s time to finish off the Ludorum Staff feature of the blog. Thanks to everyone who’s checked in to see who we are. If you have any questions or suggestions of what else you want us to blog about, please leave a comment under the post and we’ll see what we can do.

Q1: What is your name?

Oliver Cooke

Q2: What got you into the games industry?

I’ve always enjoyed gaming in some capacity. My earliest memories of gaming were playing the Amiga but I started to take real notice of games when I started playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Since then it has been a passion which I have always wanted to be a part of.

Q3: What area of development do you prefer?

It’s not necessarily an area, more the desire to create something fun. It doesn’t matter to me if something isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, all that matters is that it is fun. I like talking very high concept with a group of people and when a project is underway, I enjoy trying to maintain that original feeling that talking about the high concept would give.

Q4: What is your favourite game/series? Why?

Silent Hill. Honestly, throughout the years of enjoying this series it’s hard to pinpoint real reasons for my admiration. Periodically I go back and play the original 3 or at least get back on some old forums and read what people have to say. I’ll say I like it because it’s a series that keeps on giving (for me), it was certainly the first game I played that conveyed how well mature content can be achieved in an interactive medium.

Q5: What are your favourite studios? Why?

Team Silent – Not only because they are the creators of my favourite series, but because they made (in my opinion) the best looking PS2 game with SH3.

Kojima Productions – The Metal Gear Solid series has always captivated me. Admittedly sometimes the story does get away from me but they do a fantastic job of keeping you immersed in the moment, even if there are somewhat convoluting story elements.

Carbon Neutral Games – One day…

Q6: What are your interests outside of the games industry?

My hobbies and stuff change so frequently that its hard for me to keep track myself. I enjoy Music (playing and listening), Board Games, Anime (on occasion), Arcade Cabinets, Marvel and working I guess.

Q7: What’s your favourite TV show? Why?

I really enjoyed Freaks and Geeks and I am a big Skins fan!


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