Ludorum Staff #4 – Steve Peake

With the week almost out, follow the break to find out about our main engine Guy, Steve!

Q1: What is your name?

Steven Peake

Q2: What got you into the games industry?

I’ve always had an interest in technology and entertainment since I was little and games seemed like a perfect mix of these. Different genres of games have also appealed to me because I can easily change what I’m currently working on to keep myself entertained. Also Sonic was much cooler than Mario… (not so much anymore 😦 )

Q3: What area of development do you prefer?

I enjoy level design and the game concept process. Bringing ideas to a concept meeting can be a thrilling process. Listening to brain storming about what parts people think would work and how things could be improved is very interesting to me. The challenge of creating the levels in an engine when you don’t necessarily know how to create the desired effect is fun as well.

Q4: What is your favourite game/series? Why?

Just to be boring; Final Fantasy. I’ll admit it has gone downhill lately but which series hasn’t? (Ok metal gear is an exception but it’s not my favourite series). It’s mainly because FF7 was my first RPG game and the introduction to the genre blew my mind about what could be achieved in games. Before that games were about jumping, shooting, fighting or racing. The idea a deep story and deep game play elements could be added to a game had never occurred to me, and that’s why I love it.

Q5: What are your favourite studios? Why?

Can I say SquareSoft before the Enix joined them? Sigh… Current studios, I think Ninja Theory do some fantastic things in engines, DICE are brilliant at what they do and throw in some curve balls too which is always nice to see, Naughty Dog seem to only release brilliant games so I’ve got to give respect to that. Arc Systems make the best fighting games ever made; Riot Games have made the most addictive game ever so and I love their character designs. Valve makes some excellent games as well.

Q6: What are your interests outside of the games industry?

I DONT HAVE ANY, badminton, football, music, friends, Standard stuff really.

Q7: What’s your favourite TV show? Why?

TV Sucks, It’s all about “RIGGSSSS!”(movies)


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