Ludorum Staff #3 – Valentin Macau

It’s the middle of the week already! Today, follow the break to find out a bit more about Valentin, our resident 2D artist and stat man.

Q1: What is your name?

Valentin Macau

Q2: What got you into the games industry?

As many others would say, it started as a hobby and I was an avid gamer in my childhood and early teens. But unlike a lot of my other friends, I wondered what went into the development of a game. This curiosity arose when playing the Final Fantasy series and imagining the amount of work that had to go into graphical/art and music alone. This coupled with my own criticism of games and what I would do and how to correct a problem in a game and make them better got me into development on a smaller scale.

One of the major reasons I was inspired to take on a game development course and start game development was simply watching a special feature on a game called Silent Hill 2. This special feature DVD went into great detail how each part of the team had their own roles in making what is to this day still one of my favourite games.

Q3: What area of development do you prefer?

Although I try to tackle any task that I think I could be capable of. The area of development that I prefer to do is 2D and 3D art. There is something about doing a 2D concept and then realising it in full 3D then seeing it in your game world alive in all of its glory.

Q4: What is your favourite game/series? Why?

It would have to be a close tie between Silent Hill and Final Fantasy; however both have fallen horribly from grace. If I had to choose a specific game it would have to be Silent Hill 2, as that game was ahead of its time in terms of design and the way it established atmosphere in its world and even more so in its set pieces.

Q5: What are your favourite studios? Why?

Squaresoft  – In their days before merging with Enix they had the RPG genre in their grasp and any aspiring RPG set its sights on Final Fantasy to outdo and design the same magic they had.

Konami – Konami has created some of the best games of this gen and the gens before that. With Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill coming from the same development/producer company it’s easy to see why this is on my list.

Rockstar Games – Creating large believable worlds is a very hard task, it takes a lot of research, analysis and expertise in order to design a world that feels like its living and breathing. Creating a lifelike world that is fun and a parody of its true self is an entirely harder task yet Rockstar games seems to always produce amazing results.

Q6: What are your interests outside of the games industry?

Other interests? Does not compute…

Q7: What’s your favourite TV show? Why?

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, a totally off the wall 10 minute an episode parody of real life agendas.


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