Ludorum Staff #1 – Tom Jarvis

The beauty of us being a small company is that we get to communicate with everyone who is interested in what we are doing on a far more personal basis than some of the larger developers around the world are able to.

With that, we’ll be posting up a new blog post everyday this week with a little insight into what makes each of us tick. To find out more, follow the break below to read the first post by Tom Jarvis.

Q1: What is your name?

Tom Jarvis

Q2: What got you into the games industry?

Ever since I was a kid I have loved playing games. It seemed only natural that I’d go into making my own to bring people the same kind of enjoyment.

Q3: What area of development do you prefer?

I personally enjoy the early stages of development with all the concept and level design. This process gives me an opportunity to be creative, which is one of the biggest reasons why I love this industry.

Q4: What is your favourite game/series? Why?

I’m going to have to say the Metal Gear series all the way since the beginning. Being full of high quality cut scenes never takes away from my experience playing them as they are necessary to build upon the heavily engrossing and complex story; however the biggest reason I love them is the gameplay. All of the games controls are top notch but the more subtle elements within that still make me smile to this day. Whether it be slipping on bird shit, making Snake throw up or even hunting for every last goddamn dog tag I’ve never had a bad moment with these games. Also I may be the only non-hater of Raiden in the world.

Q5: What are your favourite studios? Why?

Twisted Pixel –          All of their games are humorous, simple and enjoyable.

Insomniac Games –   I honestly do not think of a single game they have released that I would consider bad and that I didn’t enjoy.

Naughty Dog –          Crash Bandicoot was THE childhood game for me. They haven’t let up making good games since.

Q6: What are your interests outside of the games industry?

Besides gaming, and that I occasionally read a book or two, my main interest lies within music. I adore the band Coheed & Cambria, so much so to have 3 different tattoos to show for it.

Q7: What’s your favourite TV show? Why?

No doubt about it, Arrested Development. This is by far the funniest show that I have ever seen on TV.  Ripe with continual jokes throughout the series, they couldn’t make this show more perfect if they tried.


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