What is Ludorum Studios?

Ludorum Studios is a new independent games developer. We wanted to tell you a little about ourselves as a company.

Were based in Stafford, UK.

We are located in Stafford because that is where we all attend university studying various games design courses. We were two different groups of people who came together in our second years of studying whilst working together on a group assignment and decided upon the idea of setting up our own studio.

Creating games we want to make

We decided to self publish our own games via digital distribution as we feel it’s the best way for us as a small indie developer to have creative control and work towards a deadline which is realistic and believable to us. We are by no means against the publisher/developer mix the industry is known for, but for a start up Indie Company like ourselves, it’s a fantastic time to be in the games industry.

Purely digital

We all see the industry taking a rapid shift towards a digital distribution future with services such as Steam, Impulse and Origin as well as the introduction of mobile app stores such as Apples for their iOS devices picking up pace dramatically.

There are a couple of reasons that we personally chose to use a digital sales model. The first being that we can release the game when we are ready to without worrying about making sure discs are pressed for release day and we can update the game without having to get the patch tested by platform holders before release. The second is that, for a new indie company, the costs of digital distribution are a world away from what we would potentially have to pay if we were primarily developing games for consoles.

Primary platform

Our primary platform to begin with is going to be the PC. We’re developing using the Unreal 3 Engine so there is scope for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Mac OSX support as soon as we have the resources available to us.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we'll get back to you. 


Ludorum Studios


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